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Making your life lovelier, one room at a time...

New Listing Stage                                                                      $800.00

Includes:  Detailed staging report, 2 stagers 6 hours (total of 12 hours)

How it works:  Staging report is done first thing, the list is prioritized and we go to work!

We work with what you have, no additional furnishings or decorative items are provided.

The purpose of this stage is to get the property camera ready!

1/2 Day New Listing Stage                                                         $400.00

Same as above but with two stagers - 3 hours

Home Staging Report                                                                   $165.00  Under 2500 Sq. Ft.

Complete walk through, detailed list for each room                      $225.00  Over 2500 Sq. Ft.

Written report with checklist for each room

Staging Services                                                                           $125.00 per hour - 1 stager

Redesign                                                                                      $165 - per hour (2 redesigners)

All Day Redesign                                                                         $800.00

All Day Redesign includes an assessment of the entire

home - Recommendations and 6 hours of resdesign with

2 redesigners.

Color Consultation                                                                        $125.00 1 hour session

In home consultation, complete color palette provided                $90.00 each additional hour