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Summertime is exterior painting time!
It is critical to have your house protected before the winter weather returns.  The exterior surfaces of your home are the skin that protects the entire structure.  Here are some of the most important steps to take:
* Make sure all joints are caulked-  some key places are around windows, doors, and anywhere wood trim and siding are joined together.  This will eliminate moisture and insects from getting in the wood and eliminate rot and damage.  This is a critical step to ensuring a long life for your painting project.  The type of caulking you select is also very important.  A urethane modified caulking will give you a long lasting, flexible product that is paintable.
* Scrape loose paint and prime with the appropriate primer- If you simply paint over loose paint, then it will peel off along with your new coat of paint.  The finish coat is only as sound as the surface you paint over.  Once all loose paint is removed, chose a primer that is suitable for the type of substrate you are painting.  This is especially important when dealing with wood like cedar, which have tannin that can bleed through the wrong type of primer.
* Apply a top quality paint product-  This is not the place to save money!  Chose a latex product that is 100% acrylic.  This means the binders that hold all the paint ingredients together are all acrylic.  Acrylic binders provide the most durable and longest lasting product for your home.  Water based paint (Latex) will maintain its color longer and resist UV damage better than oil based products.  Many premium paints have a mildew additive that helps in areas that do not get a lot of sun and are prone to mold and mildew growth. 
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