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Break it to me Gently

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Precious Moments collections, masses of stuffed animals, a gallery of family photos, beloved items that serve as a distraction to potential buyers. How do we tell a client these special items should be stored away until they make their move to the new home?


The first thing we can tell a client to encourage them to pack the collection away is to remind them of how interesting their collection is and that we do not want potential buyers looking at the collection and not remembering anything about the great features of the house.


We can also point out that these precious items will eventually need to be packed. Why not do it sooner rather than later, while there is plenty of time to properly wrap and pack each piece.


Collections aren't the only thing that may need to be brought to the client's attention, cleaning may be another topic that needs to be discussed. Create a standard cleaning checklist that you give to all clients, let them know that clients who follow this list have much better showings.


You can also bring is a professional stager to be the middleman. A trained stager will provide a comprehensive report detailing room by room the issues that the client needs to address and the positive actions they can take to achieve a higher selling price and less days on the market.


Staging Stats from National Association of Realtors

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2015 Profile of Home Staging

JANUARY 27, 2015


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Among REALTORS® who typically represent the buyer, 49 percent report most buyers are effected by home staging and 47 percent report some buyers are effected by home staging.

Among sellers’ agents 34 percent stage all homes, 13 percent stage difficult homes to sell, and four percent stage only high price bracket homes.

Thirty-two percent of buyers’ agents believe staged homes increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer by one percent to five percent.

The median dollar value to stage a home is $675 for each home.

Mood of the Room

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When you are redecorating (or initially decorating) a room, think about the room's purpose.  Do you want a calm and cozy feel, or an energetic vibe, or maybe an air of sophistication.  Consider this when planning your color palette.  Different colors definitely evoke different emotions.  Remember the color doesn't always have to be on the walls.  Maybe you have a great sofa you want to highlight and this will be your primary color.  Keep in mind as a rule of thumb, 70/20/10.  70% your primary color, and 20% and 10% accent colors.  As always though, go with what you love and your room will truly be a reflection of you!

Thought on Color :)

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I can't even express how much I enjoy sitting with someone and picking colors for their home.  I really enjoy being part of the process, it's a fun and exciting time when you're making a change.  I have learned over time to look at a color and get a good feel for what it will really look like when it's on the wall.  It was just learned by experience, my family had a painting company and we tinted and mixed our own paint.  You learn to look at a color and determine what colorant should be added to achieve the desired's no great mystery.  The other part of color selecttion is truly understanding what the client is envisioning in their head and being on the same page with them (that "desired result").  Ironically, the ear is as valuable as the eye when helping someone make a choice.  I consider each consultation a privilege that I am so grateful for, and I hope that I get to be a part of many more. 

Staging 119% Return on Investment

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According to an independent source, the return on investment for staging is 119%.  That's a great return....check out the list from

Your Recommended Home Improvements

Listed below are the most highly recommended improvements based on your answers to the previous questions.

Area of HomeAverage CostIncrease in Selling PriceAverage Return on Investment% of Agents Recommended
Clean / de-clutter
Rent a storage space or sell excess items, if needed. Keep every room very clean during open homes.
$ 75$1,000 - $1,4991577%100%

Lighten and brighten
Replace any burnt-out bulbs and use higher wattage bulbs, if possible. Keep drapes open during the day.
$ 75$750 - $1,1501175%95%

Hire gardener or landscaper to trim back the overgrowth and maintain yard.
$ 200$1,000 - $1,499525%100%

Update kitchen and bath
Update kitchen and baths by resurfacing cabinets or painting with neutral color. Replace toilet seats, dated fixtures and drawer/cabinet handles.
$ 2,018$5,000 - $5,999173%68%

If carpets are only lightly soiled, shampooing and/or spot removal should suffice.
$ 488$1,000 - $1,499156%100%

Paint interior
Repair any damaged interior walls by patching all chips, holes and cracks; then touch up or repaint interior walls with neutral color.
$ 450$875 - $1,250136%89%

Paint exterior
Repaint or resurface the outside walls of house, as needed. Patch and repair any damaged areas.
$ 350$100 - $1,499129%68%

Buy some fresh flowers, live plants and other decorations to liven up the home. Consider hiring a staging consultant.
$ 400$750 - $999119%68%

Plumbing and electrical
Consider repairing or replacing any defective plumbing or electrical items in your home.
$ 75$100 - $199101%95%

Repair and refinish damaged floors, or cover with neutral-colored wall to wall carpet and note damage in your disclosure.
$ 450$625 - $87567%95%

Accentuate the Positive

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When you think about home staging, often times we think of it as a cleaning, decluttering process. Certainly those are important elements of putting a best foot forward. We also need to think of the homes best assets and how to spotlight a great feature. At the same time, most homes will have some area that may not be worthy of a spotlight, but may possibly need to be downplayed.



We want the buyers focus to be on the homes best features, which in some cases may mean less is more. We must be careful when staging to not "over decorate" while it may look very beautiful, it might distract from the very thing we are trying to sell. We don't want buyers looking past a great kitchen, and focusing on the beautiful bar stools.



On the other hand, if we have a very small bedroom that may not be appealing, this would be a great place to get creative and show how the room can be functional with the right furnishings and décor. We want to guide the focus of potential buyers as much as possible and show all of the homes attributes in the best possible light.


Choosing a Palette

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Planning to redecorate and not sure on a color palette. Start taking notice of the things that catch your eye. A coffee cup, the fabric of a blouse, a colorful vase, snap a picture and start a file. You will probably see a trend emerge. Soon a color palette will begin to take shape.

Look through home magazines, clip the pictures that you love. Of course the internet is an endless resource of decorating ideas.

Paint stores are also a great resource. Paint companies have done a remarkable job putting out literature with color palettes put together for you. Don’t think of these colors as paint only, choose a paint color then the other colors of the palette become your potential accent colors. Carry them with you when you shop.

Lastly, consider a color consultant. They can help you pull it all together. They should listen to your ideas and goals. They will help you through the process and bring some fresh and experienced insight to your project.